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Company Brief Introduction

Qing Cheng AE InstituteGuangzhouCo.,Ltd ( Branch name: Beijing Soundwel Technology Co., Ltd, is specialized in the researchdevelopmentproduction and technical application services of AE instruments in NDT industry. Our main products are: acoustic emission detectorPipeline leak detector ultrasonic flaw instrumentultrasonic thickness testing gauge, and so on. Also we are qualified to do OEM and ODM for many brands overseas. We develop high-tech products independently as our main businesses, meanwhile we work as the import sales agent of Digital X-ray products and exporting sales agent of NDT series such as eddy.

Established in August 2000, our headquarter is located in Guangzhou ,China, branch office is located in Beijing, also we have oversea branch office, which is located in Los Angeles ,USA.

The R&D staff account for 48% of total employees, staff who have Bachelor degree or above account for 90% of total employees. We have professional engineering teams who are specialized in software,hardware FPGA sensor and application, and we can finish all processes from functional designing to software & hardware research and development.

Before established in the year 1998, our original R&D team , by using universal data acquisition card from third party, had successfully finished designing and selling first commercial-valued digital AE detector domestically. After establishing, in the year 2003, we successfully exploited first Special AE acquisition card which had hardware processing function of AE characteristic parameters, meanwhile we developed AE detector with PCI framework.

   In the year 2007, we successfully launched first AE detector with USB collector, which had already became high tech wind vane of AE detector. Now this kind of USB AE detector has been leading the trend.

In the year 2013, our company had developed out the first multichannel wireless acoustic emission detection system with WiFi wireless communication and GPS synchronization technique, thus made AE detector can apply functions of uploading wave form datum and position.

   In the year 2006, our company had developed out the first generation of digital ultrasonic thickness gauge, and thus became one of companies who firstly launched this kind of products. In the year 2008, we had developed Digital ultrasonic flaw detector. Through continuous improvement, we ranked best in production function and quality domestically.

  Besides R&D, since we has senior AE research and application professors of NDT industry, our company can provide spot AE application consultations for users, help users to deal with technical problems while using. Also we can offer technical solutions for projects and scientific researches. Meanwhile, we can take research projects for professional testing instrument according to customers special demands.

  Our company has taken part in national key testing projects for many times, and has already finished multiple researches and application projects related to AE in NDTAviationAerospaceTechnical Research industries and so on. For example, Dam protection project of Yellow River Xiaolangdi, Rock stability monitoring of China's Mega Dam, health monitoring of Yangtze River Bridge, detecting in quality acceptance testing of Astronaut mask, Titanium alloy valve testing for Sunshine China satellite, real-time particle collision monitoring of Satellite Space, Rocket silo detection, Fatigue life AE detection of fighter aircraft ,etc. Our AE products have been used in many industries, grand total 1000 customers have applied our products. Current customers are mainly related to pressure vessel, atmospheric storage tank, pressure piping and valves, rotating machinery, machining,aerospace, Bridge & Tunnel, crane,dam, mine terrane, mine facility, transformer, breakage testing and so on.

  Besides China, our products have been exported to more than twenty countries, like AmericaEnglandBrazilIndiaIndonesiaCubaKorea and so on, and have been successfully applied in laboratories and project sites all over the world.