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Company Events


In July 2006, sponsor of the 11th national conference on acoustic emission, company professionals made several academic speeches.

In Sep 2007, exhibitor of the 18th International Instrument conference and exhibition

In October 2007, California USA, exhibitor of the 6th World AE conference and the 50th USA AE conference, released the worlds first Multichannel AE instrument with USB2.0.

In October 2008, exhibitor of the 51th annual meeting of American AE working group(International AE seminar of year 2008).

In October 2008, Shanghai, exhibitor of the 17th world NDT Congress

In November 2008, Beijing, the 19th international instrument exhibition

In July 2009, sponsor of 12th China AE academic Conference, company professionals made several academic speeches.

In November 2009, exhibitor of ASNT 2009 Autumn Quality Testing Exhibition

In Sep 2010, exhibitor of the 29th EWGAE (the 7th International AE Testing Conference

In November 2010, exhibitor of ASNT 2010 Autumn Quality and Inspection Exhibition

In May 2011, exhibitor of AEWG American International AE conference

In November 2011, exhibitor of ASNT 2011 Autumn Quality and Inspection Exhibition

In April 2012, Africa Durban, exhibitor of 18th World NDT Conference (WCNDT)

In May 2012, exhibitor of China Beijing International NDT exhibition

On March 26th 2013, Moscow, exhibitor of the 12th Russian International NDT and Innovation Exhibition

On November 11th 2013, took part in the 55th American AE conference (AEWG-55), released worlds first

On July 25th 2013, Model SUB200 Digital Ultrasonic Detectors became the third level training use machine.

On 18th November, 2013, MUMBAI, INDIA, exhibitor of APCNDT2013.

On 30th October 2013,  exhibitor of the 18th China international quality control and testing industrial equipment exhibition.

In May 2014, Salt Lake City ,USA, undertook the American AE conference AEWG56.

In October 2014, Czech Republic,  exhibitor of the 11th European NDT Conference ECNDT.

In October 2015, Salt Lake City ,USA, exhibitor of American NDT Annual Conference ASNT2015.

In November 2015, Hawaii, USA, exhibitor of Worlds AE Conference AEWG2015

During year 2006-2015, totally ten times personal qualification training courses of Chinese Special Equipment AE was held. Our company expert worked as lecturer in the training courses, and our products were designated as special AE instruments for training and assessment.

In June 2016, Munich, Germany, exhibitor of WCDNT2016.

In August 2016 ,  Yantai City, Shandong Province, organizer and sponsor of the 15th National Conference on Acoustic Emission.

In September 2016,  Prague,  Czech Republic, exhibitor of the 32th European AE Seminar EWGAE2016.

In October 2017,  Xian City, Shanxi Province, exhibitor of Worlds AE Conference WAE2017.

In June 2018, USA, exhibitor of AEWG-60.

In September 2018,  Paris, France, exhibitor of EWGAE.

In November 2018,Beijing, exhibitor of CWP.

In November 2018, Shanghai, exhibitor of the 23rd China international quality control and test industrial equipment exhibition

In November 2018, Sapporo, Japan, exhibitor of 24th IAES Japan AE conference

In December 2018, Kuming City, Yunnan Province, participator of National Special Equipment Security and Energy-saving Academic Seminar

In April 2019, Beijing, exhibitor of the 16th China International Machine and Tool exhibition

In June 2019,Qingdao, Far East New nondestructive testing technology Forum.