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Wcae-2017 world Acoustic Emission Conference concluded successfully

更新日期:2020-5-8 15:12:12


World Conference on acoustic emission, October 10-13, 2017 -2017, referred to as wcae-2017) was held in Xi'an. The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Shen Gongtian, President of the International Acoustic Emission society, President of the nondestructive testing branch of the Chinese society of mechanical engineering and vice president of the Chinese Institute of special equipment testing. Allen Theodore, honorary president of the International Acoustic Emission society and founder of the American acoustic emission Working Committee (aewg) Mr. Green, vice president of the International Acoustic Emission society, Professor Gary Qi, former chairman of aewg, Mr. Hartmut vallen, chairman of the European acoustic emission Working Committee (ewgae), Professor tomokishiotani, former chairman of the Japanese acoustic emission Committee (JCAE) and aewg, delivered welcome speeches. 92 representatives from 10 countries attended the meeting.


The conference received a total of 73 abstracts of academic papers, including 41 oral reports. Wcae-2017 conference papers will be published by Springer after being reviewed by experts. Wcae-2013 and wcae-2015 have published conference proceedings, which are all included by EI. At present, the wcae-2013 conference proceedings have been downloaded by 60000 people.

The conference is hosted by the international society on acoustic emission (isae), and organized by the nondestructive testing branch of China Society of mechanical engineering and China Institute of special equipment testing. At the conference, famous experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, China and other countries in the field of acoustic emission are invited to give special reports.

During the conference, the international society on acoustic emission Isae) held the committee meeting, approved the amendment of the association's articles of association and the minutes of wcae-2015 meeting, approved the application of new members, elected the second board of directors and executive committee composed of 14 people from 9 countries, Shen Gongtian, Liu Shifeng and Li Guanghai as honorary president, vice president and Secretary-General. It was decided that wcae-2019 would be held in Guangzhou, China in 2019.

Wcae-2017 is the 4th Academic Conference sponsored by isae. The successful holding of wcae-2017 and the election of isae's second board of directors further strengthened the platform construction for the exchange of Chinese acoustic emission scientists and experts in the field of international acoustic emission, promoted the development and application of China's acoustic emission technology, and improved the international status and influence of China's acoustic emission testing technology.

Our company participated in the meeting as an instrument exhibitor. During the meeting, we exhibited our latest network acoustic emission instrument for long-term remote monitoring, as well as the latest model saeu3h and other products of general acoustic emission instrument.