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Hand-held AE Calibrator

Brief instruction

SCAL2 Handheld Acoustic Emission Calibrator Series are designed and developed for the requirements of acquisition host calibration of acoustic emission detector, which is based onJJF1505-2015 Calibration Specification for  Acoustic Emission Instrumentation, and also can be used as a sample standard signal emission, in order to export standard acoustic emission signal waves, mainly used for calibration of the AE instruments. Scal2 series can export various standard parametric signals, can be used on calibrating AE indicators like amplituderise timering-down count and times of duration. Scale 2 series are applicable for calibration of AE instrument before useusability of AE sensors and AE preamplifier, and is especially applicable for distinguishing and testing the working condition of the AE systems quickly once on the testing environment site.



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Main functional parameters

1Protection level of outside shellIP65

2)   Battery powered and continuous working time is no less than 10 hours

  (3)  Connector type:BNC

  (4)  Working temperature: 040

  (5) Storage temperature: 040

   (6)  Relative humidity: 3090%

  (7) Avoid external electromagnetic interference

8Prevent vibration can meet GB/T 242310.2008 standard (or other   equivalent standard).

Technical indicators:

1Colorful screen, resolution ratio 320 x 240

2Keyboard controls parameter setting and signal emission

3Accuracy: range of amplitude 0.3dBfrequency range 0.5%

Main functions:

1Settable variables signal waveformsignal amplitudesignal frequency, emission speedgainthreshold;

2Signal waveformAE double exponential envelopeAE triangular envelopeimpulse sine wave continuous sine wavesignal impulse wave

3Signal amplitude of the sine wave30dB-100dB 

4Signal amplitude of the AE waveform: 30-90dB

5Signal frequency of the continuous sine wave:10kHz1MHz0.1kHz

6Signal frequency of AE waveform30kHz60kHz150kHz300kHz

7AE parametric indicators: rise timeduration timering-down count

8Emission rate: 1pps10pps100pps1000ppsmanual control;

9Preamplifier gain: 0dB26dB40dB

10After boot initialization, the system can automatically turn out the configuration which was set before closing.