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Embedded Pipeline Leakage Position and Detection Instrument



  SPLD3 pipeline leak detection instrument is specially used in pipeline and valve leakage detecting. It is equipped with on-site real-time detection and positioning function which is wireless. The whole system is composed of two acquisition cardstwo sensorsone acquisition machineone desktop computer , and can realize collecting datum in Creal timestoring and analyzing the datum.

Once the high-pressure media sprays out of the leakage pipeline, it produces sound signals and the signals spread along the pipes while the friction takes place at the leakage port. SPLD3 series use the sensors which are placed beside the two leakage points to pick up the sound signals , do wavelet analysis digital filter processing according to the sound signals. Through relative analysis, get related information which includes exact position of leakage sourceleakage equivalent and so on.

SPLD3 series is applicable for pressure pipeline leakage detection and positionvalve leakage detection and so on. It is especially used in embedding pipelinesin order to avoid blind excavation. The material of pipe wall can be metalplastic and so on, the pipe media can be liquidgas and gas-liquid mixture.


Main characteristics

Acquisition rate can achieve 100KHz, and can be set downstairs automatically

Visa radio station, the collector and collecting host is time synchronizedvisa wireless WIFI, it can upload the datum

It can collect datum and analyze them with high speed rate and high-precision, it can collect wide-spectrum signals, effective transmission band width can achieve 1MB/s

This series is with high sensitivity and dedicated usage, can collect weak signals from long distances, and the testing scope is wide.

The collector is small, so it is easy to install and take away, is applicable for detecting on site.

The collector is small, easy to take and, thus is applicable for

The collecting and analysis software can support analysis of multiple correlation graphs ,  and automatically calibrate the location of the leakage source according to the collected data.

Main technical indicators:


Collecting rate: 100kHz16bit

Collecting length: 128k16bit

Wireless datum transmission distance: the farthest distance can achieve 1000m

Time synchronization accuracy: 100us

Position accuracy: 1m100m gap

Protection level: IP65

Band width: 1Hz30kHz

Dynamic range: 70dB

Working temperature: -1045

Power supply mode: built-in& chargeable batteries, endurance time is no less than 12 hours

Collecting host:

Wireless collecting machine, collecting desktop computer visa network cable;

Working temperature: 045

Chargeable, standard battery , and its endurance 10 hours, accessory charger adapter.