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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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Ultrasonic thickness gauge of SW7A series are high precision series which are developed independently by Qingcheng AE (Guangzhou) Co., and has its own independent intellectual property rights, which are designed and manufactured according to GB11344 state standard and ISO/TS18173 Internal standard. SW7A series are the models which can penetrate across the coating, they are widely used on different materials by high-precision measurement demand of penetrating the coating, can be used on thickness measuring of  steel、cast iron、aluminum、copper、zinc、quartz、glass、polyethylene、PVC、grey cast iron、ductile cast iron and so on. Once the probes are placed on the surface of the materials , the material thickness can be measured swiftly.

SW7A封面(英文)清诚标贴副本.jpgsw7A 标准测试(英文)副本.jpgsw7A 穿涂层(英文)副本.jpg


SW7A测板材(英文)副本.jpgSW7A 测管子(英文)副本.jpgSW7A铝材测试(英文)副本.jpg