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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The echo waveform and gate of this instrument are displayed in real time. Users can choose effective waveforms through adjustment of gaingate height and home position ,thus can enhance the accuracy of measurement under complicated condition which is interfered by echo waveforms.


Major characteristics

100M sampling rate of datum processing capacity

3.5 inches TFT-Color LCD- Display screen with 1/4 VGA, user can set the color of screen automatically

Can display scanning waveform and thickness of A mode simultaneously

Measure thickness of the artifact through the surface coating of the artifact

Three kinds of displaying way: positive half-wavepositive half-waveRadio Frequency

The gain adjustment scope of the pulse echo mode is -18dB~70dB

Echo-Echo mode can adjust gain automatically and have obtained the best measurement.

Automatic correction of V-pattern beam path, taste non-linearity of the double crystal probes

Users can make correction table of V-pattern beam path manually in order to attain to much more accurate measurement

Scanning mode can display the maximum and minimum value during the measuring process.

Difference mode can display differences between the thickness and reference value.

The alarm mode can be clued according to thickness voice alarms which are set besides the minimum and maximum value

128M-bit storage can store 100 groups of A scanning waveform (10000 pieces of A scanning waveforms), 100 sets of thickness value (10000 pieces of thickness), 100 pieces of profilings

Chinese and English menu can be switched.


Key technical parameters

Measurement range (pulse-waveform mode)

0.65mm~508mm (steel, depends on probes)

Penetrate through the coating

Measurement range (pulse-waveform mode)

3mm~50mm (steel, depends on probes)

The lower measurement limit of the tube stock

15mm1.0mm(7.5MHz6mm probe)

10mm1.2mm(7.5MHz6mm probe)

Display accuracy

0.001mm (H<10mm);

0.01mm (10mmH<100mm);

0.1mm (H100mm)

Measurement accuracy


Material sound velocity


Reception band width



Three pieces of alkaline batteries with 1.5V or three pieces of nickel-cadmium batteries with 1.2V

Working temperature


Working humidity