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Desk Type Series of Acoustic Emission

Futures of software:

• Supporting Windows 7 Win8 and other newest operation system of 64 bits

Multiple computers can be installed at the same time for use, without limiting user numbers, so as to facilitate simultaneous post-analysis and joint research by multiple people.
•Special function and parametric data can be custom-made for users,

•Supplies drive and dynamic library with customer, so as to do secondary development of software.

•Be stored separately from the parameters, so as to facilitate playback analysis.

•Obtains network remote-control function, fulfills the demand of remote network use training and operating the acquisition software

•Data format can be converted to TXTEXCEL and etc, and can only convert the current frame, or according to the set conditions to convert the whole file or multiple files batch conversion.

•Obtains multiple automatic storage function, can be used for long-term motoring or bulk datum acquisition

•The datum of synchronous acquisition AE parameterswaveforms and external parameters can be displayed and stored, analyzed synchronously.

Multiple view groups can be established simultaneously, each view group can display multiple views, and the analysis report can be displayed synchronously in real time on all the views from all the view groups.
•Acquisition settings and view settings can be stored, so as to facilitate calling for playback analysis

•Can do positioning of linearplanecylinderspherecubestylidiumbottom tank.

•Different positioning calculation can be done synchronously, and any channel can be selected to take part in the position calculation.

• In the location map, sensors can be fixed up automatically or manually, it is simple and flexible.


Other functions of AE system:

• The parameters can be selected at random to do real time extractiondisplay and storage, parameters are including : AE parameters such as threshold arrival timepeak magnitude arrival timeamplitudering countsdurationRMS(mv)ASL(dB)thresholdrise timerise countsenergyfrequency centroidpeak frequency, one to twelve external parameters and local power spectrum parameters one to five and so on;

• Can choose digital filtering mode such as band-passhigh-passlow-passband-rejectset the upper and lower limits of filtering at random, in order to control the digital filtering function of the AE cards;

Continuous waveform sampling rate can be set arbitrarily
• Display the FFT waveform in real-time, and can choose multiple window function;

•Partial energy parameters can be set within the frequency range;

•Parameters can be selected at random to do related correlogrammultiple statistical modesmultiple drawing modes, and can be displayed or can do playbacks in real time.

•Pulse width and pulse interval can be set in automatic sensor testing, and each

channel can be automatically tested in turn.

•Convenient subdivision surface function on the right-hand button , can open the other analytical function at any time quickly.

•Acquisition setting and view preferences can be stored, so as to facilitate calling for playback analysis.

•Add additional text label to the datum at anytime during acquisition process.