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Product introduction


PPS Preamplifier Power Supply& Signal Separator is used for giving power supply to preamplifier. Our acquisition card can offer power supply to PA series preamplifier, no need to connect external power supply. Once using our preamplifier and other company’s AE acquisition card to do collaborative testing, it is necessary to connect PPS and power adapter to offer separate power supply to PA series preamplifier, so as to ensure normal usage of the preamplifier.




Two models can be selected: PPS50, PPS2K

Based on different loading of rear device, customer can choose different PPS. The rear loading of the PPS2K is infinite , it is like oscilloscope or something.  The rear loading of PPS50 is acquisition card of 50Ω or other device. It means that the device which is connected to the output obtains an impedance of 50 ohms

Basic parameters:

Power voltage: 28V DC

Input impedance: 50Ω or 2000Ω

Signal transmission: Phantom power

Connector: BNC-Q9

Main material: ast aluminium

Geometric Size: 116mm×36mm×30mm

Power supply adapter: input 220V AC, output 28V DC.