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Ultrasonic Fault Detector

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Sub200 portable ultrasonic default detector series is specially designed for engineering personnel use on nondestructive testing. And its main usage scopes are: testing、 position、evaluation and diagnosis of various destruction。It can easily and accurately conduct nondestructive testing on welding defects, cracks, internal pores of the work piece and other defects. It is widely used on industries such as electrical power project、boiler and pressure vessels、steel structure、military industry、aviation 、railway transportation、automatic machine equipment and so on. it is an indispensable testing tool in the field of nondestructive testing.

Ten separate flaw detecting channels;

Timely and dynamic colorful video;

Various industrial reports can be chosen;

Sound-light alarm、low battery alarming under various condition;

Single crystal /double /transmission probe can be chosen;

TFT Color screen with 5.7 inches, brightness and color can be set freely;

Datum can be exported to computer visa USB2.0;

It can be easily and conveniently used with the function of probe automatic calibration;

With the functions of defect、wave crest、memory, assist qualitative evaluation;

Positive half-wave、 negative half-wave、full wave,three kinds of detection mode;

High capacity lithium-ion battery can ensure continuous working , can do testing while charging;

Two kinds of scanning modes: A mode and B mode (thickness 、 color、grayscale);

The machine can be operated by wrist strap operation or shoulder straps operation.