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AE Preamplifier

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Brief introduction

The voltage signals which are exported by AE sensors are as low as a few microvolts. This kind of weak signals, once transmitted through long distance, strength could be reduced inevitably. Thus we should magnify the original signal to several times, usually the amplification factor is 40dB, then transfer it to signal acquisition system through coaxial-cable. The preamplifier is artificial circuit , its input is the voltage signal which is exported by the AE sensors, its output is analog signals which have been magnified. 

AE Preamplifier needs to be equipped with impedance matching and transformation function. In order to prevent impacts which are caused by too large input signal, also AE Preamplifier should be equipped with protection capacity against electric shock and recoverability anti-blocking phenomenon, also UOPP is relatively large.





Main characteristics:

●PAS AE preamplifier series are wideband -universal models, which can match with most common sensor models and AE acquisition cards for each factory

● Three gears of the gains to choose: 20/40/60dB

;Two input ways: signal/difference;

●Two kinds of power supply modes: phantom power supply, the power supply is carried by the signal line; or direct power supply from external power supply;

●Built-in filter, relevant frequency are divided to four gears

Be equipped with protection capacity against electric shock and recoverability anti-blocking phenomenon;

AST (Automatic sensor test) function, can send out test signal resource to the sensors ( under the condition of phantom power supply)

Metal shall, shield electromagnetic interference ,resist shock; 


Basic technical parameters:

Gain: 20/40/60dB

Response frequency: 1.3kHz~1.2MHz

Noise: <24dB(40dB input of the gain is short-circuited)

Built-in filter:

       20kHz-1200kHz,( gain 60dB, 20kHz-630kHz)



            1kHz-40kHz total four gears

Output range: ±10V(Vpp)

Input capacitive reactance15pF

Working voltage: 28V DC(24V-32V)

Rated load: 50Ω

Quiescent current: 31 mA

Maximum current: 100 mA

Working temperature: -20℃~﹢60℃

Size: 110mm×65mm×37mm

Protection level: IP65

Shell material: cast aluminium

Connector mode: BNC(Q9)two connectors, difference BNC connector,electricity connector


User‘s manual of preamplifier and connection illustration