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Handheld AE Valve Leakage Detector

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泄漏底图 1(英文)副本.jpg

泄漏底图(英文)副本.jpg  Set up reference number of the leakage rate through gathering fixed length AE signals, processing and calculating effective parameters like RMS、ASL、P;  at the same time can demarcate the leakage rate of the detecting device in advance, through internal calculation to output parameter- the demarcated curve of leakage rate, thus can output reference values of current leakage rate o the valve while testing。

Main characteristics:

 1.    Apply the principles of acoustic emission technology, simplify operation process, easy to operate,setting plural keyboard shortcuts, can finish leakage detection with only one button.

2.    Choose AE time indicators(RMS,ASL,P) as leakage testing parameters, thus

can demarcate the valve leakage rate。Once leakage rate is demarcated, the detector can display the referential values while testing;

3.  Obtain FFT frequency spectrum analysis function, can check FFT frequency spectrum signals of current testing data at any time

4.  Up to 200 kinds of different valves are available, each kind of valve can store up to 8 calibration curves

5.  16 digital sampling precision, sampling frequency can be adjusted based on the frequency range of leakage signal

6.  6 kinds of analog filters can choose, and fillet the noise signals based on testing result;
7.  Two pieces of AA dry batteries to supply power, normal endurance time can achieve 100 hours, it is easy to replace the battery, and is applicable for long-time working outside, small volume
,low weight, easy to carry;
8.  Two kinds of alarming modes
: beeping and flashing alarm, can set up two kinds of alarm limits: first level and second level, alarming data can be saved

Datum storage:Storage shortcuts are set up, can finish datum storage by    one button, can track and record time、date simultaneously,datum storage  volume can achieve 50,000 groups;
Communication interface: high speed of  USB interface which can export the datum, also can processes datum on the master computer.
11. Working way: can offer testing of valve AE parameters and valve AE leakage rate( which are under demarcated condition)
12. Daily AE valve leakage detecting can be done through operating functional buttons, easy to see and learn , no need to operate it by entering menu.