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Desk Type Series of Acoustic Emission



20channel chasis.jpg

Chassis front panel


Picture of front Pannel.jpg

Chassis card description:The left side of the front panel of the chassis for the AE module slot, the left side of the slot can be inserted into the card or AE module, insert the network card can be achieved data transmission network; each card above a total of eight indicators, each channel has two, In the collection card specification section has been described, not repeat here;

The lower right corner of the panel set to set the chassis card card number of the initial settings for a number of chassis cascade situation, the card number set in front of all the cascade chassis AE module total T, the chassis AE module number from left to right The number starts incrementing from T + 1

The status of the front panel indicators on the chassis is shown in Table 3 below

Table 3 Chassis Front Panel Indicator Status Description

Indicator light

Status description

Power supply

Power on green light


The green light to enter capture state


If the parameter is transferred, the blue light flashesIs coming


The green light flashes when there is a waveformIs coming

External parameters

External light is onIs coming


The digital input is active and the green light is onIs coming


The digital output is active and the green light is onIs coming

Upper cascade

The upper level connects to the upper deck and the green light is on

Lower cascade

The lower link is connected to the lower cascade chassis and the green light is on


AC power supply alarm red light. Ground open circuit, fire to reverse, zero line lights serious problem is bright. When the ground alarm light is on, do not touch the chassis, unplug the power cord immediately, and check the power supply line by the professional


The red light indicates the alarm status,(Is coming


The yellow light indicates a warning statusIs coming


The green light indicates the communication statusIs coming

reset button

Press to display the reset information to the computer softwareIs coming

机箱后板.jpgChasis Rear Pannel

The rear panel of the chassis provides some interfaces, as follows:

Power supply: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz;

Ground column: the use of the ground, the ground must be a good access to the earth;

Cascade: Chassis can be cascaded use, not connected to the main line is the main chassis. A system with and only one chassis as the main chassis;

USB port: USB3.0 interface, connected to the PC;


Card panel

The card is mainly with the external collection interface acquisition card, no external parameters of the acquisition card, network communication card, the panel structure as shown below

Acquisition Card pannel.jpg

SAEU3H Chassis interface technical specifications

Table 1-4 lists the interface types and usage specifications of the SAEU3H chassis panel

Table 4SAEU3HChassis interface specification



Channel interface

Standard SMA interface, that is, external thread + hole and internal thread + needle, diameter 4.13mm

Data IO

Input 1 channel, optocoupler isolation, 3-5V input; output 1 channel, optocoupler isolation, AC / DC40V0.1A

Cascade interface

Standard HDMI interface

USB interface

USB3.0 Standard B-type interface

power supplyinterface

Standard ICE320 C14 female jack, AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz