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Desk Type Series of Acoustic Emission

Acquistion card composition

The signal processing flow of each channel is roughly as follows: after the signal is received by the front-end sensor and amplified by the amplifier, it enters the acquisition card through the coaxial cable access channel interface, and the gain of the acquisition card set by the software modulates the signal to ± 10, ± 5V, ± 2V, ± 1V, ± 0.1V, and the adjusted voltage signal enters the analog filter. The whole analog filter circuit consists of three high passes and three high passes Low pass consists of four order Butterworth filters with nine filter bands that can be set by software to filter the signal and then enter AD conversion chip. The ad chip is 10m16bit, and the sampling rate can be set by software to convert the voltage signal into digital signal. The converted digital signal enters FPGA chip for data processing. The high-speed FPGA chip is equivalent to the CPU of the computer, where the signal is processed A large number of calculation and processing, such as digital filter, calculation characteristic parameter, FFT calculation, spectrum parameter calculation, etc., are carried out for the No. 1 signal. The calculated data enters the communication main board through the main board slot, and then the data is integrated and transmitted to the computer through the communication chip of the main board via the USB 3.0 or the network interface of the communication card;

Block diagram of AE Card.jpg

Structure diagram of saeu3h acquisition card


Data link diagram

SAEU3H Card specifications

The AE module is designed with 4 channels per card. Each channel has 10M, 16bit independent ADC, high speed FPGA chip signal processing, 1Gb DDR ram, to ensure that the data is not lost; unique hardware real-time digital filter, any Control signal bandwidth; SAEU3H acquisition technical specifications in Table 1-1:Table 1-1SAEU3Card technical specifications table:

Sampling parameters

Sampling Rate

Single channel maximum sampling rate of 10Ms / second, the sampling rate is continuously adjustable, each channel can be set independently

Sampling accuracy

16 Bit

Dynamic Range


Host noise

10dBNo load

Maximum signal amplitude

100dBUse 40dB forward, corresponding to the sensor output of 100 millivolts

Waveform Sampling Length

The maximum single waveform sampling length, each channel can be up to 128k sampling points, the channel can be set independently

Trigger mode

Synchronization trigger, threshold trigger, external trigger, servo trigger

Analog filter

20kHz, 100kHz, 400kHz three high-pass filter, 100kHz, 400kHz, 1200kHz three low-pass filter, through the software to choose a variety of combinations can be set by channel independent

Hardware real - time digital filter

0KHz-2.5MHz frequency range of any value set through, high-pass, low-pass, bandpass and band resistance.

AE module memory capacity


AE signal processing

Each acquisition card hardware has AE feature parameters real-time extraction function, the channel can be set independently

Waveform pre-trigger function

Pre-trigger length maximum 128k sampling points, the channel can be set independently

AE feature parameters

Time, arrival time, peak arrival time, amplitude, rise count, duration, relative energy, absolute energy, signal strength, rise count, rise time, RMS RMS, average ASL, start phase, 12 external parameters, Center frequency, peak frequency, 5 local power spectra, center frequency, original frequency, reverberation frequency, average frequency

Electrical parameters

powered by

5 Vdc

Number of acquisition card channels

Each acquisition card has four independent channels

AE signal input range

±10VCan adjust the signal input voltage range down to ± 5V, ± 2V, ± 1V, ± 0.1V, the channel can be set independently

Response frequency


Front power supply

28v or 7v

Input impedance


Power consumption

10.5w (4 channels for continuous sampling)

External parameter acquisition

Supports up to 12 analog external parameters input channels, total external sampling rate 1M

Sampling accuracy

16 bit

External input range


LEDIndicator light

Each channel has two indicators of the threshold and alarm

Physical parameters




Operating temperature


AE CARD 5.jpg

Picture one SAEU3H Standard AE card


Picture two: SAEU3H External Parameter AE card

Acquisition Card pannel.jpg


Picture Three: SAEU3H Module Network Card

The SAEU3H host is divided into two types:  with network card and without network card. The difference is that the network card can make the data upload to the computer equipment through the network interface, but the network card needs to occupy a host slot, so that the main chassis maximum channels are reduced by 4 channels

Chassis-No network Card.jpgChasis with network card.jpg

When using the network card should pay attention to the follows:

1) The network card occupies one acquisition card slot, and can only use No. 1 slot.

2) After using the network card, the SAEU3-A chassis supports up to 4 cards and 16 channels, and the SAEU3-Bchassis supports up to 11 cards and 44 channels.

3) SAEU3H support USB3.0 and Ethernet two interfaces, but at the same time can only use one interface to connect with the PC;

4) The system default connection USB3.0 interface, if you need to use the Ethernet port, you must first disconnect the USB interface, and then connect the Ethernet interface;

5) When using the network card Ethernet interface to connect the PC, it is necessary to pay attention to establish the connection and identify the acquisition card takes some time, about 3 seconds / card;

6) USB3.0 port data bandwidth of not less than 300MB, Gigabit Ethernet port data bandwidth of not less than 80MB;

7) Network card indicator integrated in the RJ45 socket, which is defined with the standard card;

8) Please use the attached cable first, since the purchase of network cable, please select the above five categories above.

Network card structural diagram.jpg