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Pencil、 Rider Ring and Coupling Agent


Specification Table of Coupling Agent

Product ModelJYX-1
Product NameHigh temperature bearing grease
Appearance coloryellow
Thickening method:polyurea
Applicable temperature-35℃~+235℃
Pour point286℃
Dropping point≥ 270 ℃
OverviewThe special lubricating grease is made by thickening imported mineral base oil with inorganic thickener, adding antioxidant, EP agent and other imported additives.
Product features① Good oxidation stability to ensure long-term normal operation of lubricating parts at high temperature;
② Good mechanical stability and colloidal stability, ensure that the product normally adheres to the lubricating part without loss;
Substitutability This product can replace all kinds of general lithium grease and calcium grease.
Recommended application:mainly suitable for lubrication ofNSK7314, NSK132,SKF6214,SKF6005,SKF6205,SKF6008  and other rolling bearings of the same type.
General recommendations:① Usage: for the lubrication of bearing parts, add 1 / 2 of the full cavity filling amount, without filling all bearing spaces. Other similar parts refer to the added amount.
② Applicable temperature:-30℃~+235℃
Precautions①Use caution. Before the first use, please clean the parts that need to be lubricated, and do not mix with other lubricating products. If you have to mix the limited items, please consult your product consultant;
②Environmental protection. Please take good care of our earth and resources. Do not discard this product directly;
③Safety tips. Put it in the place that children can't touch to avoid eating by mistake; this product has no toxicity, but for your health, please clean it in time if it is accidentally in your eyes during use.
④There is a slight liquid material precipitation for normal phenomenon, does not affect the use.
Storage conditionsCover and store in a cool and dry place to avoid water and impurities, direct sunlight and strong radiation source.
 Shelf life12-24 months.